Willemeen is an urban youth centre and subcultural music venue, which is part of regional welfare organisation Rijnstad. It supports over a hundred volunteers who are committed to helping organise a wide range of activities for the regional cultural scene, involving music, art and multimedia. Willemeen has both a first floor hall which accommodates 275 visitors and a ground floor cafe which accommodates 100 visitors. Its location is at Willemsplein no. 1 in the centre of Arnhem, a mere 2 minute walk from Arnhem Central Station.

Willemeen possesses its own screen printing facility which throughout the years has functioned as a space for internships and work experience placements, and a space where plenty of interns and volunteers have gotten the opportunity to make their own mark on the Arnhem cultural scene. Many of the venue’s posters, flyers and t-shirts are designed and screen printed in-house by our volunteers.