A campaign by the volunteers of Willemeen to preserve this unique place as youth centre and subcultural music venue in Arnhem.

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Why this petition?

If the city council has their way, Willemeen as we know it will cease to exist on the 1st of July 2019. The function and tasks from Willemeen as we know it, will be divided between two organizations with very conflicting visions and interests on the subject of culture and social capital.

In the past 50 (!) years, Willemeen has grown to a carefully built up youth centre with an atmosphere that is characteristic to Arnhem. It fulfills a unique role in the city, where there is room for the youth, starting and blossoming subcultures that regularly bring people to the city from far beyond its borders.

For decades Willemeen is the place where cultural program makers can exceed genre-borders in a dynamic environment and shape their events outside the box, with the help of a lot of vulnerable young people and volunteers who have invested in themselves and their environment in this way.

We are convinced that the strength of Willemeen can only be guaranteed in one core organization that has one core vision on Willemeen as music venue, cultural breeding ground and social centre. As home base for anyone who would otherwise be left out musically and socially. For us, the volunteers, for the city, and for the love for music.

When the council splits the social and cultural financing on the 1st of July, Willemeen and what it stands for will disappear from Arnhem. We want to keep on developing Willemeen ambitiously on its own and therefore preserve the only place in Arnhem where culture makers, vulnerable inhabitants of Arnhem and volunteers can work together on equal basis on the unique role Willemeen has as a social-cultural youth music venue.


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The initiative Save Willemeen is organised by Willemeen volunteers.